About IoT Network Certified

IoT Network Certified is a custom certification program for cellular-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The program has been crafted to meet the specific needs of the IoT community. It simplifies and streamlines the process of certifying an IoT device according to industry standards for excellence, providing an efficient and affordable pathway for manufacturers.

By designing a device around a certified wireless module, a manufacturer may certify their IoT device using a process that takes advantage of the rigorous testing and certification already done on the module. Hundreds of modules are available to choose from.

Importance of Certification

The wireless marketplace is rapidly evolving with the adoption of 5G and narrowband technologies for low-bandwidth data transmission. Cellular-enabled IoT devices and applications are becoming more prevalent. The IoT Network Certified program sets the gold standard for these connected products as customers seek third-party verification of network compatibility. Here are a few reasons why the IoT Network Certified program is essential to keeping pace with wireless innovation. 

IoT Network Readiness

IoT Network Certification demonstrates your device’s readiness to connect to cellular networks. Compliance with the cellular-industry-developed requirements for global mobile network connectivity paves the way for product acceptance.

Network Operator Acceptance

Industry certification, which includes meeting over-the-air performance criteria, is often a prerequisite for device acceptance by network operators.

Accepted and Respected

Backed by CTIA Certification, the global leader in certification for the mobile wireless industry since 1991, the IoT Network Certification is an efficient and cost-effective process recognized as the gold standard by network operators throughout the world.

Over 10 Years of Experience Certifying IoT Devices

The IoT Network Certification program is built upon the wireless industry’s signature PTCRB certification program. The program is comprised of standards developed by a global cohort of manufacturers, network operators, test labs, and other subject matter experts.

Cellular Technology and IoT Connectivity Go Together

Because of the ubiquity and security of cellular technology, the use of cellular technology for IoT devices is a natural match. The wireless industry is—now more than ever—building innovative security features into tomorrow’s wireless networks.


IoT Network Certified devices are laying the groundwork for the evolution of our communities into smart cities. These innovative products protect vital utility infrastructure from encroaching vegetation, help people with visual impairments navigate bus and transit systems, and turn real-time weather and fire data into valuable intelligence for community safety.


Around the world, utilities are modernizing their operations to provide more efficient and resilient services. They are deploying secure, cellular-enabled IoT devices on networks to monitor and control their mission-critical operations. IoT Network Certified for Smart Connected Infrastructure™ serves this need, setting the standard for interoperability and cybersecurity of IoT devices in these environments.


Cellular-enabled IoT devices equip modern businesses with the tools to increase productivity, efficiency, and facilitate superior customer service. Data provided through shipment tracking devices give real-time information that improves cargo security, logistics, and provides insights to help meet customer needs. Wireless machine-to-machine communication and its value to companies are made possible through the marriage of IoT and cellular technology.


Cellular-enabled IoT devices are ever-present in our daily lives. Remote monitoring devices provide another option for care providers to engage patients. Fitness trackers not only help us establish healthy routines but also monitor our heartbeat and other vital signs to keep us safe. Hunters can check trail cameras from their campsite while keeping tabs on their dog with a GPS collar. The benefits of cellular-enabled IoT technology know no end.

IoT Network Certified is built upon the foundation of the widely respected PTCRB certification program, which remains the global gold standard. Established in 1997 by leading wireless operators, PTCRB certification verifies compliance with industry standards for mobile wireless devices. Companies throughout the cellular wireless ecosystem work to define the requirements and are committed to ensuring device quality through a rigorous certification process. The PTCRB certification program has been certifying IoT devices for over ten years, before the term “IoT” even came into vogue. Now, the process has been given a name of its own and customized to further streamline certification for IoT manufacturers.

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