Utilities are using wireless networks to power smart lighting projects and smart energy grids, monitor water and wastewater, help customers understand consumption, and more.

IoT Network Certified for Smart Connected Infrastructure™ is an extension of the IoT Network Certified program designed for these mission-critical environments. It provides confidence that devices will perform as expected in critical infrastructure applications.

In addition to the standard requirements to achieve IoT Network Certified recognition, additional testing is conducted, which is tailored to the unique and demanding needs of this environment.

Simple Steps to Get IoT Network Certified for Smart Connected Infrastructure

Are you an IoT device manufacturer who wants to obtain IoT Network Certified for Smart Connected Infrastructure? See how easy it is.

Achieving certification is a fast and easy process!

Solving Community Challenges

Learn more about how communities are using wireless IoT to solve challenges related to traffic congestion, public safety, connectivity access, utility management, and more.