Real-World Benefits

The consumer benefits of cellular-enabled IoT devices are extensive. Cellular coverage is ubiquitous, providing access to the applications you love from anywhere. Encryption and authentication protocols make cellular technology inherently secure. The reliability of cellular not only provides an added convenience to our lives but also can be essential during an emergency.

Cellular-connected blood pressure monitors, glucometers, weight scales, and other devices can alert your physician to any alarming trends in your health. Wireless technology enables you to take your dog’s virtual fence anywhere. Mobile personal emergency response devices can alert authorities of an emergency at the click of a button.

Why Certification?

Cellular-enabled IoT technology can be truly life-enhancing, but these devices can also be a headache if they do not reliably connect to wireless networks. The IoT Network Certified certification ensures that your device meets the highest standards for network compatibility. The IoT Network Certified certification program was developed by industry experts to verify that devices comply with approved network connectivity and interoperability standards.

Cybersecurity Protection

CTIA Certification and wireless industry experts are working diligently to stay a step ahead of cybersecurity threats.

The CTIA Cybersecurity Certification Program for IoT devices establishes an industry baseline for device security on wireless networks. This additional certification protects wireless infrastructure while creating a more secure foundation for enterprise applications, smart cities, and consumer products.

Together with IoT Network Certified, a comprehensive certification framework for cellular-enabled IoT devices is now available from one source.

List Your Devices

Are you an IoT device manufacturer who has PTCRB certified devices that qualify to be listed on the IoT Network Certified device directory?

Log into the PTCRB certification database to see which of your PTCRB certified devices qualify. Please contact CTIA Certification or speak with your test lab if you’re unsure where to begin.

It’s quick, easy, and free to list your device!