Real-World Benefits

In today’s economy, companies can ill afford to lose pace with innovation. Cellular-enabled IoT devices provide businesses competitive advantages that increase efficiencies, optimize operations, and improve information gathering.

Advanced wireless driver support systems use artificial intelligence to reshape fleet operations and reduce accidents. Businesses are using cellular modems to maintain connectivity and diminish the adverse impact of system outages. Sensors coupled with cellular modems enable food processors to address one of their industry’s biggest problems — food storage stability.

Why Certification?

Cellular-enabled IoT devices can address your business needs, solve pain points, and give you a leg up on the competition. But, how do you evaluate these emerging technologies for reliability? Easy, purchase certified devices. The IoT Network Certified certification program was developed by industry experts to verify that devices follow the cellular-industry requirements for global network connectivity.

Certification Success Stories

Read real-world case studies on how cellular-enabled IoT technologies are helping businesses.

Network Protection

In the constantly evolving age of information, when networks go down, disaster ensues. Savvy businesses use cellular modems to maintain connectivity.

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Food Storage

Sensors coupled with cellular modems address one of the foremost problems faced by food processors – food storage stability.

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Fleet Tracking

AI-powered Advanced Driver and Support Systems that signal to the driver unsafe driving behaviors are commonly used in fleet management.

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Real Estate

Cellular-enabled IoT has provided an end-to-end automated process that allows realtors to remotely control access to properties with confidence.

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Cybersecurity Protection

Security, privacy, and resiliency are essential considerations as more and more businesses implement cellular-enabled IoT applications. We must stay a step ahead of cybersecurity threats.

The CTIA Cybersecurity Certification Program for IoT devices establishes an industry baseline for device security on wireless networks. This additional certification protects wireless infrastructure while creating a more secure foundation for enterprise applications, smart cities, and consumer products.

Together with IoT Network Certified, a comprehensive certification framework for cellular-enabled IoT devices is now available from one source.

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