Case Study

Kevin, Compass Realtor

Cellular-enabled IoT has provided an end-to-end automated process that allows realtors to remotely control access to properties with confidence.

The Challenge
Commuting between the properties is time-consuming. Kevin wants to spend more time with the buyers and sellers than with the rental prospects. To run an efficient business, Kevin is looking for a more secure way to let rental prospects tour houses by themselves.

The need for remote access management is fostered by the recent COVID threat. Both realtors and prospects try to reduce the opportunities of meeting in close distance.

To remotely control the access, Kevin thought about smart door locks, but the cost of temporarily installing/uninstalling the locks and Wi-Fi in emptied homes is just too high to justify.

The Solution
With LUBN, Kevin now shares his branded booking page with prospects and lets them book the house tours with photo IDs. LUBN automatically sends itineraries to the prospects with the QR code for accessing the keys and the tour info without asking them to install an additional app for pairing. As soon as the prospect checks in, Kevin and his team can remotely confirm their identity over the cellular network. When the prospect checks out, is a no show, is late, stays over time, or is tampering, LUBN sends a real-time notification to Kevin and his team. At check-out, the prospect receives an auto-follow-up email with the application form to start claiming the rental home.

The Result
The end-to-end automated process enables Kevin and his team to review the applications and close the deal wherever they want. With LUBN, Kevin is now able to control the access remotely with confidence. They can now spend more quality time on growing the business and maintain good relationships with their clients.

Certification provided our enterprise customers confidence in using our devices. It is about trust. The trust between this new application and our enterprise customers. In addition, this year LUBN was selected as a Qualcomm Smart City member. The certification played an important role for us to be qualified as a Qualcomm business partner.