Achieve recognition that your device is ready for use on wireless IoT networks throughout the world.

IoT Network Certified means your device complies with globally recognized 4G and 5G wireless network specifications. It further demonstrates that your device meets network performance requirements demanded by wireless network operators.

The program was developed by wireless operators, IoT module and device manufacturers, and test labs to provide a streamlined approach to network connectivity. It is the gold standard for wireless network operators throughout the world while remaining affordable and accessible.

The Certification Process

1. Design

Save time and cost by designing your device around a module certified for IoT applications.

2. Verify

Determine whether your device requires any additional operator-specific testing for your target markets.

3. Comply

Comply with government regulations in your target markets.

4. Request

Submit a certification request via the certification database.

5. Select

Select an authorized test lab. The lab will test your device and upload the test results to the certification database.

6. Submit

Upload required documentation to the certification database.

7. Pay

Pay the certification fee and lab testing fee.

8. Receive

You will receive confirmation of certification via the certification database once all requirements are met.

Certified Modules

Modules are what provide connectivity to the cellular network. Many certified modules are available around which to design your IoT device. Search our directory here to find the right module for your application.

New Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology, including LTE-M and NB-IoT, is available in many modules and is specifically designed for IoT applications. It provides for extended battery life, a critical capability for devices deployed in the field that may be difficult to access or are designed for very long lifetimes.

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6 Steps to Certification for Cellular Enabled IoT Devices

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