Case Study

IoT sensors address one of the foremost problems faced by food processors, food storage stability.

The Challenge

Food storage stability is one of the foremost problems faced by food processors. Processors normally deploy several sensors in a storage environment to monitor temperature, humidity, lightness, and other business-critical information. Collecting and transmitting this data efficiently is essential.

The Solution

DCS’s MiSensors are IoT sensors catered to various industry applications. The cloud-based web and mobile monitoring solution makes it easy for businesses to tackle the challenges that come with remote monitoring. The MiTag 8-in-1 multi-sensor is IP67 rated and battery-powered. The unit features long-range Bluetooth 5.0 and monitors temperature, humidity, pressure, open/closed contact switch, light detection, impact detection, and more. It is easy to configure MiSensors to send alerts to users by SMS & email.

With the AMIT Wireless IDG400-0TE0C 4G Modem, DCS’s MiSensors and MiGateway can connect to the internet via a cellular connection in an instant to send a critical alert. The compact device features a rugged aluminum enclosure and can operate in a temperature range from -30°C to 60°C, easily handling food storage applications. In addition, it is equipped with a self-recovery function that can offer a robust and reliable cellular connection for data transmitting and monitoring, which ensures a stable storage environment.

The Result

The combination of MiSensors with IDG400 enables food processors to monitor perishable and non-perishable storage rooms remotely with reliable internet connections. Staff are alerted when a sensor detects that the storage unit is operating outside of the threshold set for notifications.

IoT Network Certified certification helps AMIT Wireless provide our customers with confidence in our solutions. It also helps accelerate the network operator approval process. Together these benefits indeed help boost sales of our products.