Case Study

Cellular Enabled Lighting Controls Drive Energy Savings and Efficiency

The Challenge

Cities are increasingly focused on efficiently managing their resources and reducing their carbon footprint. One effective solution that has gained widespread adoption is the use of energy-efficient LED street lighting technology. However, while more than half of the cities in North America have transitioned to LED lights, less than 10% have adopted street lighting controls.

Lighting controls have the potential to achieve an additional ~20% in energy savings by enabling communities to implement remote dimming schedules. Furthermore, they provide real-time alerts to cities, helping them predict, prevent, and address challenges, thus significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

The Solution

Ubicquia, a company dedicated to developing intelligent street infrastructure, has introduced the UbiCell® Smart Streetlight Controller. This IoT Network Certified device can be easily plugged into the photocell socket of streetlights and connected to a cellular network, delivering data within minutes. Cities can immediately create lighting schedules and enhance their operational management.

An excellent example of the success of the UbiCell Smart Streetlight Controller can be seen in Bar Harbor, Maine. Bar Harbor, located near Acadia National Park and attracting millions of visitors annually, relies heavily on proper lighting, especially during the busy tourist season. By using UbiCell, the city has achieved a remarkable 65% annual energy savings and reduced annual operating costs by $47,000.

Another town that has benefited from Ubicquia’s technology is Pepperell, Massachusetts. Pepperell values the reduction of light pollution and aims to create an environment that allows stars to be more visible at night while minimizing the environmental impact of electric lighting. With the implementation of Ubicquia’s UbiCell technology, Pepperell improved visual acuity, reduced light pollution, and achieved an impressive 81% reduction in energy consumption.

The Result

The adoption of Ubicquia’s UbiCell Smart Streetlight Controller allows cities to quickly realize a return on investment, leading to reduced operating costs and positive environmental impacts. Additionally, UbiCell helps utility companies minimize operation and maintenance expenses by identifying lighting issues remotely. This proactive approach enables municipal energy companies to swiftly address issues.

The UbiCell lighting control platform operates on an LTE cellular network, eliminating the need for cities to design, install, and manage a private network. This approach enables faster installation and scalability by utilizing reliable networks that are already widely deployed. Through the IoT Network Certified program, Ubicquia has demonstrated that the UbiCell Smart Streetlight Controller meets industry standards for cellular-connected products. Towns benefitting from Ubicquia’s technology can trust that they are investing in a product vetted by the global leader in certification for the mobile wireless industry.