Case Study

Smart City Uses 5G for Connected Intersections and Innovative Parking

The Challenge

Home to one of the nation’s premier smart city ecosystems, Peachtree Corners, Georgia, sought to expand its ever-growing list of public innovations by establishing connected intersections and parking structures capable of monitoring and analyzing traffic patterns to improve current and future infrastructure. However, access to wired network connectivity was limited, and lean staffing could not properly support manual data collection.

The Solution

Peachtree Corners deployed Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service and IoT Network Certified ruggedized 5G routers at smart intersections and in parking structures to establish a Wireless WAN (WWAN). High-bandwidth, low-latency connectivity via the T-Mobile 5G network supports high-definition cameras, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications. These technologies provide real-time information for the city to make informed decisions that improve public safety and transportation efficiencies.

“Having the infrastructure in place to support our vision for safety and innovation is a top priority,” said Brandon Branham, CTO and assistant city manager for Peachtree Corners.

The Result

Secure, cloud-managed 5G connectivity enables Peachtree Corners to access the information needed to adjust traffic patterns, notify residents of travel and parking obstacles, and improve public safety. With a comprehensive dashboard of connection and security data available through NetCloud Manager, the city’s IT staff is also equipped to monitor and rapidly fix potentially expensive problems.

Whether it is pressure sensors in fire hydrants, artificial intelligence-based identification systems, autonomous shuttles, or the region’s largest electric vehicle fast-charging hub, Peachtree Corners’ innovations all have one thing in common: connectivity. The IoT Network Certified program provided Cradlepoint the assurance that their devices would reliably connect to the T-Mobile 5G network—a critical component to the success of this smart city.